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We reserve the right to change these rules at any time, without notice.
Please check back regularly.

Welcome, please read this entire thread
Welcome to the Dalelands Beyond server for Neverwinter Nights 2! This is a Forgotten-Realms based persistent-world.

Our server uses the Neverwinter Nights 2 and both of its expansions (Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir). Both are required to play here.

The server can be connected to the server list of NWN2 in the "Role-Play" section. In order to download the files for the server, simply log in and the auto-downloader will handle it. If you encounter issues with downloading the files, look here ->

You can also connect to our server via "Direct Connection". The IP address is:

Please familiarize yourself with all of our rules listed below.

Note: Make sure you check your trash or junk mail file for your confirmation e-mail!

If it's still not there contact MustangSVT...make sure you give your forum name.

Ignorance of the rules is not an excuse.

Table of Context (CTRL+F and copy in the section you’re trying to get to)
1. Dalelands in an 18+ server.
2. Bullying
3. Complaints to Staff
4. Role-Play
5. Metagaming & Godmodding
6. Judging Role-Play
7. PvP (Player vs Player) Rules
8. Contacting Staff
9. Explicit RP
10. Under 18 Characters/child characters
11. Profanity
12. Naming
13. Overrides
14. Colored Fonts in Game
15. Avoiding Lag
16. The Surface and The Underdark
17. Abuse of Known Exploits
18. Using disguises & lying
19. RP Consequences
20. RP your sheet
21. Character Creation Information and Rules
22. Build rules
23. Broken items and feats
24. Event Etiquette
25. Roleplay tokens
26. Crime and Punishment

General Rules

1. Dalelands in an 18+ server
Because Dalelands is an 18+ server, adult themes will sometimes emerge during roleplay.  Because of this, we cannot allow players under the age of 18 to access the server.  As our forums are subject to different rules and guidelines, we do not police forum user's ages.  

2. Bullying
Players who log in to intentionally cause trouble or grief toward other players or staff will be met with DM response. This applies to forum posts, and in-game chat (i.e. forum bullying, OOC insulting in-game). The OOC harassment of other players will likewise not be tolerated.  Note that accusations should always be accompanied by a screen shot else it's your word versus theirs.  DO NOT call someone out publicly.  Many times there may simply be a misunderstanding.  Even in the case of intentional bullying, harassment, or griefing we do not hang out others dirty laundry and you should not either.

3. Complaints to Staff
Complaints, questions, and suggestions are welcome but remember our staff work for free. Please treat them with respect.  If you have a problem with a staff member that you cannot resolve by speaking to that person, or if you feel you have been treated unfairly, please see this link on how to handle complaints:

If your problem is with one of the Staff Members, take it up with one of the other.

If you have a problem with another player, take it up privately with a DM. When filing a complaint, try to be precise regarding the issue.  If you have screenshots, that is an ideal way for the staff to approach an offender.  While we understand that you may be upset about your complaint, please refrain from applying your frustration/anger to the staff that is trying to assist you.  

4. Role-Play
• Dalelands is an RP server. You are expected to not only speak IC but in a way that befits a Forgotten Realms setting. OOC needs to be kept to tells as much as possible.
• You must role play what is on your character sheet.  This includes race, stats, skills, and classes.  You may not take a stat bonus or class simply for mechanical purposes and then ignore it in your role play.  In addition, we do not allow people to role play physical features such as tails, gills, or wings that cannot be accounted for by looking at the character sheet.
• In general, relations should be kept appropriate for the culture and nature of Faerun. Orcs and humans do not work together; Yuan-ti are slavers and wanna-be world destroyers; Drow are the seen as the evilest known of the common mortal races.
• It is not normal or acceptable to group up casually with monster races such as orcs and drow, nor to have relationships with them if you aren't another orc or drow. Exceptions to this should be very rare. I take everyone as I find them'" is not an attitude that makes sense within the FR setting.
• Please behave in a way that is appropriate to your character's alignment.
• If you are a cleric or divine class, you must RP your commitment to your god.
• Clerics must choose appropriate domains for their god, more information on gods and allowed domains can be found here
• Known languages and learning new ones:
Leaning new languages:

Human Languages:

• HIPS, stealth and invisibility rules down below
HIPS, Stealth, and Invisibility:

• Assassination guidelines are found here
Assassination Guidelines:

• Rebuilding a character is a chapter in itself and the rules can be found here
Rebuild Rules:

• Permanently retiring a character, if the character is over 3 months old then special rules may apply
Permanent Death:

• If the leader of a faction is absent /minimally active for a period of six weeks then another player can take over.
Absent Faction Head:

• Characters can, under certain circumstances, be retired and turned into NPCs (and therefore giving a DM complete control over the former PC)
Retiring PCs into NPCs:

• Druid Shapeshifting Rules
Druid Shapeshift Supernatural vs Polymorph:

5. Metagaming & Godmodding
The simple definition of Metagaming is the use of out-of-game information or resources to affect one's in-game decisions.  Metagaming is strictly forbidden and is a punishable offense. Metagaming can include:
• Acting differently due to OOCly knowing that a person is higher level than you.
• Acting differently due to being set to Hostile.
• Going through dungeons while stealth and/or invisible and talking while HIPS'd.
• Ignoring NPC guards ( If you are banned from for example Shadowdale, Myth Drannor or Krag. If you are banned from can not get to the Lathander Farms or Settlement. If you are banned from an are not allowed to go there to do the quests. If you are caught or screenshotted by a player there will be consequences to pay. We take metagaming very seriously.)
(Please note that Myth Drannors Mythal bars the entry of some player races completely
• Entering areas that your character is banished from ICly in order to do quests.
• Using knowledge that your character should not know ICly.
• Telling through a disguise of a person because of OOCly seeing the name above person's head.
• Acting differently ICly because you know you are being spied on OOCly.
• Asking another character OOCly (through a tell or on Skype) to come find your dead body or to come help you out in PvP when the character would have no IC knowledge of your character's whereabouts.

Godmodding is also forbidden.  This can include:
• Deciding consequences without appropriate rp.
• Deciding the actions of an NPC or group of NPCs without a DM's approval.
• Emoting/RPing an action/actions that are impossible to defend against.
• Emoting/RPing how the other character is affected by an action, thus leaving the player unable to rp his/her own character.  (i.e. *Fred swings his axe at Jim's hand, cutting it off completely*)
• When a character simply cannot be harmed by any and all means other RP-ers try.

Further information on both is available under RP Guidelines and Rules.  

6. Judging Role-Play
Roleplaying is subjective.  Do not publicly criticize, lambast, or otherwise insult another player's RP. If you have a concern, first try speaking to the player privately (through tells or PMs) in order to address the matter, and discern its source. If you continue to have a problem with any player's RP for lore reasons or immersion breaking material/actions, let a staff member know.  Sometimes the player might not realize the issue, so asking them first, in a respectable manner, is the ideal way to resolve the matter.

7. PvP (Player vs Player) Rules
• Use common sense. Badmouth a Matron Mother in the UD? Dead - Beating someone's friend up? They will jump in - Insult a Zhent in their castle? Sacrificed to bane
• Player killing MUST have a supporting RolePlay reason. "Because my character is chaotic evil" is not a valid reason. Widespread killing/fighting may have very severe RP consequences that you must be prepared to accept. (ie arrest, bounties, permadeath).
• Both parties MUST have interactive Role Play before a PvP conflict can be engaged. That means you interact, they interact, before action can happen.
• Winners decide the outcomes of the losing parties. Capture, Slavery, Scars/Limb loss, Gore/Torture or Rape MUST HAVE FULL consent of the other party. Players CANNOT force permadeath on the losing parties.
• The losing party will not remember the events that led to their death, who their killer was, why they got killed and what the killer looked like.
• Characters must ignore each other for 24 hours after a PvP conflict
• Examples of valid PvP flags include but are not limited to Insulting, making threats, getting the last word in as you walk away, buffing, etc. Using spells on someone (Like enlarge/reduce person, bigsby, etc) without following the above rules is breaking the rules
• Just a suggestion: Toggling hostile on someone when they are getting into the territory of being PvP'd is a good way to let them know they are crossing the line. This action cannot be taken ICly. It is just a nice OOC way of warning the other player.
• Killing is the most severe thing you can do to someone. Law enforcement, Mercenary groups, Assassins, Goodly characters (Paladins, etc), and some PC's hunt murderers. This may result in consequences.
• Griefing is a very heavily punishable act. Abusing the PvP system will result in delevels, permadeath, or a ban.
* Arelith was a very heavy influence on these rules. Credit goes to them for the foundation of these rules

8. Contacting Staff

If you need to contact staff for any reason and are not sure which DM to speak to, please see this list:

If your particular issue is not listed on this thread, the please feel free to PM whichever staff member is online at the time.  We also have a staff email:  if you prefer to contact us that way.

9. Explicit RP
Explicit RP includes, but is not limited to erotic role play, slavery, torture, graphic violence, and graphically detailed executions.

Erotic Role Play
Dalelands is an 18+ server, which means that tough and/or adult themes sometimes emerge. However, it is not a social server. Any erotic RP must be done IC and in private between consenting adults (note that private means in tells and/or whispers). If your ERP causes OOC problems or complaints, we retain the right to revoke permission to ERP.  It is a privilege, not a right.

Roleplaying torture, slavery, and sensitive topics.
Torture and slavery are allowed if it's IC for good reason but, you must have OOC consent to do so, OOC consent for any permanent scars or body part removal (like a finger) and the tortured/slave has the right to bow out if they become uncomfortable at any time.

Please be aware that some subjects can be difficult for others OOCly including (but not limited to) suicide, miscarriage, and rape. Approach these with care and some sensitivity.  If another player is uncomfortable with the situation it is your responsibility to resolve the situation as quickly as possible. If another player is making you uncomfortable, then you should screen shot the situation and contact a DM immediately.

**Note that role play involving child rape/pornography/or molestation is forbidden on our server.  If you engage in this sort of RP, expect to find yourself with a warning in the least, or banned from the server in the worst case.**

Requests for Fade to Black must be respected.

10. Under 18 Characters/child characters
Child (under adult-age) characters are not allowed.  You may see children walking around and talking as a player would, but that will most definitely be a DM controlled NPC.

11. Profanity.
Although we are an Age 18+ server, please censor all swearing if asked to do so by another player. Not everyone likes seeing curse words flying around in text during RP. This refers directly back to not ruining another person good time.

12. Naming
Names are not allowed to be famous, this includes ancient famous persons and names from pop culture and books or games. Names that are adjectives or nouns can sometimes ruin immersion as well.  Please choose something that is fitting for a FR or medieval setting.  The staff reserves the right to ask players to change the name of their character if we receive complaints from other players. Names may not include titles or such that are not earned through RP on the Server (this includes Nobility and Military titles).

13. Overrides
External overrides on the player side are not allowed to be used. This includes the use of an override to use custom colors on a character since it is considered making it a custom race.

14. Colored Fonts in Game
Please do not use font colors it disrupts staff and players!

15. Avoiding Lag
Please do not leave bags lying on the ground; it lags up the server.  Please dump unwanted drops/loot in a trash barrel (located near most merchant NPCs) or sell it to a merchant NPC.  Alternatively, you can build a fire through PC Tools (right click on your character to find them) then put the unwanted stuff in the fire. Lower down on the PC tools there is a Remove Items option. Click the remove item button, then click on the fire to get rid of it, and all items it contains.

In addition, to help cut down on lag, please do not spend more time in the OOC room than is necessary before your in-game business (shop, resting, etc.).   Please do not spam spells in the OOC room.

16. The Surface and The Underdark
The contested areas that both UD and surface players can go, should be considered dangerous. This means that PVP consent should be given and that both epic UD or surface NPCs might show up killing everyone they don't like.

For clarification that means:
- The surface is considered anything below the open sky.
- UD is the cave in Midwood, anything beyond the Firelizard cavern in Shadowdale and anything beyond the layer of the tybold mine which is guarded by elementals and firemephits.
- This leaves an area of earth elementals where both surface players and UD players can go both.
• The Drow city and nearby area with the Drow guards are considered off-limits for surfacers unless you are heading there with a Drow escort, or for some other reasonable RP reason (i.e. a reason other than hunting drow or there to cause conflict).
• Ignoring the presence of the Drow Guards is considered metagaming (i.e. surfacer traveling to underdark simply for hunting Drow purposes).
• If any that make their home in the Underdark, regardless of their race takes the RP out and/or defeated on the surface, they have to head back to the underdark for a full 24 real life hours. Equally anyone if who lives on the surface is caught and defeated in the Underdark, they may not return below for 24 Real Life hours.
• Vhaerunite and other surface-based drow are considered surfacers. Please do not claim to be a surface drow if you are not
• Any Underdarker found on the surface, and any surfacer found in the Underdark, henceforth forfeit their RP out by virtue of being monsters in hostile territory.
• Half-drow who look reasonably like drow is treated as drow for this. If you don't look like drow, you are not treated as drow. Remember that according to the lore, half-drow is regarded as being pretty well drow, accurate or not.

17. Abuse of Known Exploits
Abusing exploits in the game to give yourself a mechanical or RP advantage will not be tolerated and is a punishable offense. All players are requested to report any bugs/exploits they find at the forum or to a DM in-game.

18. Using disguises & lying
Until the skill is added in, this is how a character can use a disguise in the meantime.

The character in disguise must roll either Bluff/Perform to anyone who suspects the character in question is in disguise.
The character trying to look through the disguise must roll Spot against their Bluff/Perform check.

If the check is beaten, the person in disguise is seen as someone in disguise. You do NOT know who the character is immediately, only that they are trying to disguise themselves. Further, RP must be done to reveal the true character.

If a character is attempting to hide their race, a mask and other completely concealing features are required.
If they are merely trying to hide their identity, an appropriate change of attire and speech will suffice.

If your character is formally banned from an area, you still require DM oversight to enter that area. Ignorance of this is no excuse. This ruling is in place temporarily for when your character is running on the server and bumps into someone they'd rather not have bumped into... Or along those lines.

Also, for now, disguise checks should not be used when attempting to enter the UD/Surface as an opposing race. However, this rule does not apply to Drow, as they are found both in the UD and Surface commonly within our setting.

No rolls are required for lying unless a DM specifically tells you otherwise during an event. If you are the one doing the lying and you would like to involve rolls you may roll bluff and the one you are lying to may roll spot or listen to determine if you seem like they have reason to disbelieve you. No matter how high the roll is, you cannot convince people of obviously false things such as “The sky is green and the grass is blue”, but as has been mentioned initially then when it comes to lying no rolls are required.

19. RP Consequences
When your character commits a crime (without proper disguise), you are automatically consenting to IC consequences of the action if you are caught by another player or NPC.  If you are caught by another player(s) and arrested for your crimes, you must RP the consequences of your actions.  A consequence such as jail is not permanent by any means.

**If an RP consequence such as jail or capture is not something you wish to play, then don’t commit crimes inside town where the law can find you, or wear a disguise.

No character is allowed to be held in Jail longer than 2 Real Life Weeks.

20. RP your sheet
You are not allowed to RP any powers, abilities or physical traits that are not part of your in-game Character sheet.
This includes the use of any PnP spell or abilities of classes (or Races) not listed on your sheet or Templates which are generally not available on DB for starting characters (i.e. Half-Fey, Devil, Dragon etc..).
No Player is allowed to use PnP spells/abilities without DM consent.
We also do not allow characters to RP that they are possessed, controlled, or granted special RP circumstances from forces other than themselves without DM permission. (With the obvious exception of divine casting classes receiving spells from their gods).

NB: for vital info on certain classes etc please check this thread:

21. Character Creation Information and Rules
The maximum level is 30 and you can have up to 4 classes, three of them prestige. Your build should make sense in RP terms. No mixing of opposing classes such as Paladin / Dark Lanterns.

Races, Appearance, and Age:
Only Races that are standard NWN2 Standard ( note that color changes outside of our standard character creator such as from the use of external overrides are also prohibited since they are considered custom races). Please avoid the skull head appearance which is still in the Human appearance options. It's against our rules and lore.

A guide to races you can find here:

The Following religions have special rules
Eilistraeen Rules:

We only allow deities that are selectable in-game. The reason for this is to simplify the process a DM has to do when examining your character-sheet in-game.

Faithless Characters:
Faithless characters cannot be raised by magical means on our server. When a faithless character dies, he needs to take the XP hit in the Fugue to respawn (100xp per Level).
If the Character dies during a DM event, the DM may rule that the Character was only knocked unconscious.

Min / Max
We in no way ban min/maxing however you must rp the minimized trait RP'd. For example, your a mage and you have min/maxed strength for intelligence...fine and dandy but there must be some rp about how weak you are. No one with less than "average" strength should be wielding a great axe.

Please choose an appropriate name for the setting, not something like Beyonce or Justin Beiber or Obama or something famous from history!

You can delete your character and make a completely new one using the RCR NPC in the OOC room. You can transfer 35% XP, 30% gold, up to 10 items to the NEW character (not the same Name etc)

22. Build rules
You must have at least 3 levels in ALL your classes by level 20, this means you may not take a new class after the 18th level or you will be in violation of this rule. Your build should make sense in RP terms. No mixing of opposing classes such as Paladin / Warlocks. Our DM staff reserves the right to ask you to re-build if it is determined your build is inappropriate.

Special rules may apply as listed below:

Special Rules on Classes:

In addition, this server has some custom changes to spells and feats, these can be found here

23. Broken items and feats
This is a list of feats that are broken Atari side and you may wish to avoid using

Fiendish Legacy
Fiendish Presence
Expert tactician
Uncanny Dodge
Improved Uncanny Dodge
Improved Disarm - this feat is of no worth over regular Disarm due to our server implementation of the feat
Practiced Spellcaster - this feat can be used to raise caster level above the character level, and beyond caster level 30 if prestige classes are used that lose less than 4 levels overall. Taking this feat to raise your Caster level above 30 is considered an exploit on our server and not allowed. Due to our leveling rules (no new class after level 20), it will be obvious if you will be in breach of this. You will be asked to replace this feat with another if you are found to be in one of these situations.

Broken items
Anything with dark vision
Anything with spell resistance - Spell Resistance items "work" - but after one spell. Resisted or not. The SR goes to 0, and must be re-equipped before they function again.

24. Event Etiquette
Not so many rules as the generally expected behavior.

Events are run by the DMs for the players, or by players for players. They might be a one-off or part of a storyline the DM is running, or part of the world's evolution. Events are a great spice to playing and there are a few things you can do to make them easier to run for the DM.

Listen to the DM.

Stay with the group. Running on ahead persistently makes life very hard for everyone else

Don't loot while others are fighting or interacting with NPCs

If a DM shouts that people should avoid using party chat – please listen to them and avoid it. It is seen by the DMs and can really make it hard to run an event.

Merely being present or stumbling upon an event that is run by another group does not necessarily give you a right to be part of it. It is an expected courtsey to shoot a /tell to the DM asking if you can join before taking part and to accept 'no' with good grace

Some events will be for players of certain levels. Please, if you are outside the dm's planned level range, ask his or her permission to join the event first.

If you make life difficult enough for the DM or ruin things for the other players, you might just find yourself on a quick trip to the afterlife or back in the Inn.
Don't complain; it won't have been done for any reason other than you were spoiling other people's fun.

25. Roleplay tokens
As you play you may notice you are receiving roleplay tokens every so often, these are granted through RP-XP automatically by our RP script, after acquiring a certain number of XP through RP and every now and then by DMs. Roleplay tokens can be traded in for a number of things such as items, rebuilds, housing or even one extra feat, more information on roleplay tokens and what to do with them can be found in the two links below:

26. Crime and Punishment
Player harassment OOC:
- the first step is ALWAYS to ask them POLITELY to stop
- ONLY if they continue are you to contact staff, have a screen shot ready to prove you politely asked and they continued.

Once staff takes over on ANY issue:
-The DM contacted will be the ONLY DM communicating with the player about this issue.
-Player or Player(s) will be asked to pm said DM on forums with their story in their own words. One PM only! Screen shots always help.
-DMs make the final decision

Order of Punishment for Player Harassment:
In order to keep things fair and so from here on in everyone gets the same treatment
1st offense - In game verbal warning
2nd offense - PM (written) warning
3rd Offense - 2 weeks ban from server forum access still available
4th Offense - PERMANENT Ban from server and Forums

Forum offenses are dealt with in accordance with the Forum rules by the Forum Moderators.

If you do not agree with the decision it is to be taken to the Head DM Team. Expect to be asked how it is unfair and asked for proof.

In rare cases, the normal order of punishment may be advanced by a step at DM's discretion.

PvP Rule Breaking
- a minor offense will earn you a warning
- a serious offense is a level loss
- repeated breaking of rules (minor/serious offense) will receive further punishment and potential banning

Which consequence will be up to the DMs and will factor in many things, such as the time between offenses, if it is a first offense, the seriousness of the offense, how many others have been affected, if there is proof, etc. Honesty will be appreciated and may affect the seriousness of the consequence. Dishonesty will definitely affect the seriousness of the consequence.

All issues regarding consequences will be discussed among all the DMs and decided upon. You will be contacted before consequences are made (with very few exceptions such as hacking and offensive trolling) and will have a chance to speak on your behalf regarding the offense.

If in doubt on something in-game feel free to contact a player helper, more information on those and how to become one yourself is found here

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