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 The Drow Threat

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Quote :
Yesterday a group of us were approached by a Mage of the Tower in town. She told us that she stumbled on a small tear in the planar fabric. She was adversely effected by it and was in pain as well as hearing voices. After a Mindblank spell she was able to focus more and lead a group of us to where this took place. We found some traces of magic in the farms as well as signs that a larger tear was taking place further to the North. After informing the local guards we traveled to Shadowdale Woods.

Once there we gathered a few more adventures and quickly discovered a few Outsiders (devils mostly) as well as powerful undead. After a quick battle we located the source of the disruption. A powerful drow mage was summoning what appeared to be two or possibly three different portals over each other. She spoke of "finally being able to weaponize it" as well as calling it or referring to something called a Nexus. Once we saw a number of powerful creatures as well as more drow emerge from the portals we attacked. After a difficult but ultimately successful battle we slew the mage and creatures. They seemed to be from the Negative material plane and different outer planes. Which seems to confirm that they opened something connecting to more then one place at a time.

We heard a number of voices coming from the portals but the magics sustaining it became very unstable with the death of the summoner. After a few minutes it collapsed on itself with a small magical explosion. While it seems we have ended the current threat; it is obvious that this was not the main attack and more of an experiment. During our time observing the situation we did see a few powerful beings reenter the portals from our side.

After conferring with another Arcane Master we theorize that the goal of the drow is to open a large permanent portal to the outer planes and or the negative plane. While disjunction will work on some portals massive positive energy should have a similar effect on the negative portal. The threat is very real and any further information gathered would be helpful.

The Surface Drow Mage known as Zsalat and his clan are behind the portal attacks. His goal is to assault Myth Drannor, but is using Shadowdale as a sort of test subject. Currently if one goes into one of these portals it is possible to destroy the anchor found with in which disrupts said portal. Which is the best current option to foiling his plans.

The Anchors can appear as almost anything but will likely emit some sort of power.
A large and high energy portal opened up high on the hill in the crossroads. Several attempts were made to disrupt it with Modenkinens disjunction and other ideas but all attempts failed to break the incredible level of energy sustaining the portal. After balors came through, the portal master ,Zsalat himself, appeared within the portal but seem to be somewhere untouchable.
He offered and pleaded with the adventurers there to join his cause against Myth Drannor.
After he was done making his point he forced drow through the portal that he deemed 'rebellious and uncooperative' to be disposed of by the adventures , which the summarily did. Zsalat thanked them for helping him 'clean house'.
To anyone who is able to sense the nature of the portal, they might be aware that this was more of a rift than a typical portal. To anyone who could perceive more they might realize the origin of this portal was not the abyss nor was it the negative plane. the actual point of origin would be unknown however.
The Drow are gathering regents for power essences to power these rifts. A group stopped one group in the Dagger Hills who were collecting undead hearts.

An Elven Sorcerer claimed to be able to sense the trail from one of these rifts to a Conjunction. As we followed the train we were attacked by drow assassins and he was murdered. Perhaps other Sorcerers may be able to accomplish this feat.
The mage behind these attacks has both Chronomagic as well as use of Elven High magic. I have seen this rift nexus which had eight differant portals that I counted. I was able to identify portals to the realms of devils, yugoloth, negative energy, elemental plane of fire, among others. This is a grave threat. However it seems his main goal is the destruction of Myth Drannor.

Further information has been gathered. The Drow mage, who knows both High Elven Magic and Chronomagics is singularly focused on the destruction of Myth Drannor and the subjugation of the surrounding lands. His offer is that those who join him will taste victory while all who stand against him will be destroyed. He is trying to make permanent tears in our plane so that his forces can move about at will, attacking anywhere without warning. While now his goal is the destruction of Myth Drannor it is doubt full that he will only stop there. The history of Drow is well known to all in the Dalelands.

Currently his is sending out groups to collect reagents for the essences needed to power these portals. The portals being opened are tests yet inside are anchors that link our plane to the others, these need to be destroyed.

Valtore Ahure
Former Mathor of Myth Drannor
Former Thane of Ironhouse
Violet Mage of Shadowdale
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The Drow Threat
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