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 Thayans in the Lizard Cave

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Thayans in the Lizard Cave Empty
PostSubject: Thayans in the Lizard Cave   Thayans in the Lizard Cave EmptySat Mar 03, 2018 6:41 am

*Handwritten notes appear all over Shadowdale*

Beware the Lizard Cave!

Thayans and Assassins have been sighted within the old Kossuth Shrine in the Lizard Cave of Shadowdale. The depth of their business is unknown yet to its full extend but the Thayans  vanished through a portal after they were done, taking some sort of gigantic lizards with them.
A small boy who accidentally came across the Thayans and assassins was rescued and got away relatively unscathed.  
Judging by what was said between the two groups its very likely that both of them will reappear very soon so double your guard and report any strange happenings to the local law enforcers.

*The notes are signed with a single M*
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Thayans in the Lizard Cave Empty
PostSubject: Re: Thayans in the Lizard Cave   Thayans in the Lizard Cave EmptySun Mar 04, 2018 8:13 pm

The guards take note of this and advise a!l the locals to keep their children indoors while they scramble a team to investigate
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Thayans in the Lizard Cave
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