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DM Atropos

DM Atropos

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PostSubject: Staff Forum Groups   Staff Forum Groups EmptyFri Jan 24, 2014 10:42 am

Due to requests to clean up the active staff lists, and clarify which staff members (active or not) have access to what, the following changes have been made to forum groups:

The permissions in the new groups are modified; along with the new colors, are new permissions rights:

1) DM Group (Dark Green Names) Can view/vote/moderate in the DM forums.  (Includes voting on server wide issues as well as player requests.)
2) Inactive DM Group (Weird Pink Names) Can view/read and post in DM Forums if they are also part of the  dark green DM group. If they are not part of the green DM group they cannot see DM Forums.
3) NPC Group (Dark Blue Name) Not allowed to vote in any polls at all, DM or otherwise.  
4) Forum Moderators (Dark Red Names) can moderate and Posts. The Moderators have the right to enforce the Forum Rules
5) Player Helpers (Light Greyish Blue Names) can help you with DB specific questions. The Player helpers also help the DM Team with Player applications and requests

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Staff Forum Groups
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