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 Strange sightings on the roads

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Strange sightings on the roads Empty
PostSubject: Strange sightings on the roads   Strange sightings on the roads EmptyTue May 16, 2017 1:11 pm

Isidro de Tylduarte-Damascus, adventurer and trader of spices and other luxury goods hailing from Amn, reported to the authorities at the northern gate of Shadowdale strange sightings while traveling the roads near the large fire ant anthill.

He claims that the night was stormy and a heavy rain was falling when under lightningstrike he spotted two strange figures moving quickly down the road. He hid behind a tree in time, as shortly thereafter a humanoid creature resembling a wolf came down the road followed by an armored and armed skeleton. The lycanthrope (which might or might not have been female, as the creature was slender and somewhat curvaceous, but the night was dark, so he isn't sure and just makes an educated guess) sniffed the air, but blessed be Lady Luck, the heavy rain must have masked his scent.

The odd figures left towards the east, and curiosity triumphing over caution, he followed suit at a safe distance. The creature and the skeleton made their way past the Bestmen lands and took the road towards the climb of Krag, but they vanished without a trace after a bend of the road. He managed to rach the trading outpost and inquired with the merchant and others present if they had seen anything out of the usual, but they had not.

Still, wolf howling could be hard in the distance, and the Amnian adventurer decided to return to Shadowdale. On his way back he encountered two large wolves at the same trail near the beastmen lands. They were large, not hostile and seemed rather awaken, so he theorizes they might have been animal companions of a local druid, or specially intelligent wolves, as they seemed to understand his friendly intentions, and one of them scrawled a word on the mud of the road: "YUAHISL"

Isidro is later seen at the Old Skull Inn retelling the story to any patron willing to listen over a few drinks, which he generously invites. He takes the time to question whomever may take an interest in this matter if other sightings such as these have been made recently, and where, what might this portent, and wondering if the creatures are hostile or not.

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Strange sightings on the roads
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